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Abducted Sisters by Kidnappers

Kidnapperrs and the abducted sisters are left in a dark dungeon where a BDSM party waits for them. A poor young sister with tied hands and legs stays on her fours on a bed. Her big breasts hang low and a huge firm ass looks up opening her pussy for a monster's thick cock. The monster in mask severely fucks the tender body of the abducted sister. Every time the huge cock pierces her vagina reaching her cervix with its head and causing strong but pleasant pain to its victim. The slave can only moan from unbearable pain and humiliation because her mouth is covered with a gag. The long cock of the jailer penetrates the beauty's insides deeper and quicker. The monster cannot control himself so he severely pins a young body onto his thick cock. Another kidnapper brought the old sister out of the mirror room and shows how his friend rapes her young sister. Breaking hands of a young student he laughs, look, bitch, how they are fucking your abducted sister, she will remember it for the rest of her life and become an obedient slave. The first monster got enough of fucking bitch's pussy so now his thick cock is piercing a small asshole. Old sister's eyes are filled with horror and fear from everything going on, she cannot believe that her young sister is being severely fucked. The beauty's face is filled with tears and pain from numerous tortures of a tender body. This huge terrible thick cock tears the young sister's ass till it bleeds every time it pierces it. But kidnappers cannot get enough and they prepare new tortures for the abducted sisters.

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Real rape ? Cruel Soldier or stupid guy ?

Sorry, but look this comments
Dracon write:
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 Well, is that you, shit, who wants me to show myself? Seems you are ex BDSM leader. I saw your picture in the old chat (from Lo-master) - a typical dolt! Fat hog with gey moustache.
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ThasIE answer:
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Britney Spears BDSM Drawings

BDSM drawings and Britney Spears continue to entertain us with new plots. The helicopter with the abducted Britney goes to a BDSM jail for young sluts. And the masked monster get in the limousine to share money and to get ready to abduct other celebrities. Tied-up, sleepy body of Britney lies on a cold deck of the helicopter. A helpless bitch is deep in a sleep after the injection of the overseers. The pilot calls his master and tells him the cargo is going to be delivered soon. A round ass of Britney Spears and nipples, sticking out of the shirt-dress because of cold, look very sexy. That's great! The Master is pleased - you know where to take this slut Britney. I'm waiting, hurry up! He hangs up and goes back to his slaves. The unfortunate beauty is on her knees, with her gorgeous bum up. The big tits Britney are on a cold deck and the mouth is gagged so the bitch couldn't scream. The tender body is firmly tied up with by thick and rough cords. The jailer waits till the master orders to begin to punish a disobedient slave. Fuck this slut Britney and flog the bitch hard with a leather lash and birches, ordered the Master to the overseer. You must teach this bitch Britney to do what ever I say without thinking, I'll always dominate over her.

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Abducted Sisters Comix

Comix about the Abducted Sisters became a breakthrough of this year, so we happily continue the description of a new update. The Abductors in mask having painfully ripped the big firm breasts and a tender pussy of a bitch decided to fuck the abducted slut. A poor blonde sits tied up to the chair with her legs opened wide showing her smoothly-shaven pussy. A red pubis and a pussy wet from blows of a leather whip have treacherously opened lips as if inviting a cock to come inside. Firm erected breasts with swollen and firm nipples are covered with bloody bruises from severe whipping. But the kidnapper whispers into a scared student's eye that everything is yet to come and he is gonna fuck her hot pussy. His rough fingers slip against her swollen pussy lips entering the vagina and teasing the erected clit. Another jailer severely fucks the old sister's ass at the presence of the young abducted sister. Every time his thick cock penetrates deeper and deeper causing strong pain to the abducted sister and great pleasure to the jailer. The tied legs of a poor victim are placed on monster's shoulders. His strong hands stuck into big ass of a beauty and severely pin the ass on a huge cock. The sister can only moan and stand all that pain and humiliation in silence, while her big breasts hang here and there from each penetration of a thick cock into her ass. This's your abducted sisters in comix.

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Britney Spears Comix

The story about Britney Spears in Comix continues. The masked fuckers clean the cum away from the big boobs of Britney Spears and the sunburnt face. They laugh and say, -look at the slut's elastic tits, these nipples are still sticking out and tough like peas. Yeah, I like her wet pussy, scoffs the beast in mask, putting her shorts on the big ass of Britney. You're gonna remember this day till the end of your freaking life, the kidnappers keep on shooting down the celebrity. Well, slut, you've got enough clothes on, said the overseers with a rage. Britney Spears watches with horror one of the kidnappers get a small syringe with a long needle. We have a little surprise for you, laughs the guy, don't be afraid, we can't kill you with a thing like that. Big eyes of Britney are full of horror anyway - she fears the injection but the mask doesn't give a shit about it. The thin needle sticks into a gentle skin of the hip of the celebrity and a helpless, sleepy body of Britney falls onto the strong hands of the kidnapper. The trip of Britney Spears in our comix in the limousine with our screwing animals is over. A sound of a closed door of the car and the kidnapper in a black mask on carrying Britney to the helicopter continue our story. The gentle body of the beautiful celebrity helplessly dangles on the shoulders of the monster, so the door of the helicopter is open and Britney Spears is thrown into the cabin to pilots.

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