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Abducted Sisters
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Britney Spears Abducted Comics.

The comics about kidnappers are found very rarely and now Britney gets our aim. The sly rapists abducted Britney Spears straight out of the stage, bribed the guard of an impertinent rock-star. A young beauty has been thrown in a wet prison for tortures and punishments. The monsters in masks have undressed the slut, presenting a splendid body for everyone's amusement. The abducted Britney is being fucked by turn, all together at once. The comics of HQ quality in bright coloring with an original subject are engraved in mind for ever. But the kidnappers aren't satisfied with it, they prefer birching the tender body, torturing proud Britney and making her abase herself and obey their whims. The abducted Britney Spears in comics is shown in a new light.

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