Britney Spears and her Abducted Sisters. BDSM Art Archive.

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Britney Spears Hardcore Comics

The first part of the hardcore comics about Britney Spears begins. The naked body of the celebrity lies on the seat of the limousine, between the two monsters in masks. They whack off their huge dicks on the big boobs of Britney. One of the monsters caresses the pussy of Britney, teasing her swelling clit. The other kidnapper tries with a free hand to grab a big tit of Britney Spears but the boobs are too big to fit into a hand and so the monster starts pinching a firm nipple of the slut. The famous Britney turns red of shame and humiliation but she lies in silence, being afraid to anger the monsters by moving. The overseers cannot hold it anymore and a stream of sperm goes out of the thick dicks right onto the bitch. The entire gentle and naked body of Britney is splashed with cum. The kidnappers beat the Britney's boobs with their sticking dicks and use the face of the humiliated celebrity to wipe the sperm away from the dicks. I like her big jugs splashed with my cum, laughs one of the animal. Damn it! We've almost made it, said an upset kidnapper, we couldn't even fuck this popstar. All right, bitch, gather our cum, said the kidnappers shaking off the last drops of cum on the Britney's face, her big boobies with firm nipples and wiping the dicks on the clean-shaven pussy of the slut. Damn it! We are here- the overseers are upset; but the hardcore comics' story about Britney Spears goes on.

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Abducted Sisters BDSM Comics

The abducted sisters in BDSM comics faced extremely new sexual entertainments. Now a younger sister is gonna know all beauties and sensation strength from whipping a naked body with a leather whip. The monster in mask having grabbed the beauty tied up to the chair starts humiliation. Well, bitch, if you don't like sucking my cock, we are gonna rip your big boobs and beat your smoothly-shaven pussy with a whip. Silence is pierced by a whistle of a leather whip which goes down the firm breasts of the abducted sister. The poor sister cries and prays of mercy every time the whip rips her on her breasts which treacherously become firm. The real BDSM Master has noticed that at once and started beating bitch's big boobs more and more. Huge breasts are covered with bloody stripes from whipping and the slut doesn't cry, but already moans from pleasure with every blow. The abducted sister's nipples became firm as peas, and the blows of a leather whip turn the bitch on more and more. I will make you yell, my disobedient slave, the BDSM jailer gets angry and starts whipping the tender pussy of the blonde. A leather whip with a whistle goes down on a hot clit of the abducted sister, and yells of horror and unbearable pain fill the walls of a dungeon. The cruel BDSM kidnapper doesn't hear prays of mercy continuing his severe whipping of a bitch's tender pussy.

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Britney Spears BDSM Comics

BDSM comics about Britney Spears continue with the next descriptions of plots. The kidnappers in masks, who abducted Britney, go in the limousine to a dungeon for tortures, but they decided to get some bonus on their way to. It doesn't do Britney any good just to lie down - it's about time she got to know the BDSM games. The screwers tear off the Britney's shirt-dress and get naked her tough boobs with sticking nipples and take down the shorts, so now the bitch only has pink strings on. Britney tries to stand up to them and scream but her cries die away because of the gag in her mouth and tied-up hands and legs can do nothing. The masked fucker firmly and painfully squeezes big boobs of the celebrity, then he pinches Britney's nipples and pulls them up. The bitch screams of pain and humiliation but the beasts can hardly hear her because of the gag. The overseers scoff at Britney, saying with laughter: Look, the tits of this slut are really good. The kidnapper tears off her pants and sees a clean-shaven pussy of Britney Spears. A gorgeous naked body of the blonde lies between the two masked. Oh God, I already want to fuck Britney, said one of the animal. But the other kidnapper calms him down: Not yet, the slut should first get to our Master. But in BDSM Comics about Britney Spears we can wank on her big boobs the guys taking out their huge dicks.

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Abducted Sisters Cartoon

We got new series of the Abducted Sisters Cartoon after regular updates, so we continue describing this amazing story. A tied beautiful naked body of an old sister lies on the bed. The monster in mask continues fucking a helpless blonde every time shoving his cock into a small pussy deeper and deeper. The slut feels unbearable pain from a huge cock inside her, but clit has already become big and firm. The old abducted sister doesn't pray for mercy anymore. Now she's moaning and asking the kidnapper to fuck her harder and quicker. The monster shoves his cock as deep as possible making the tied slut twist from pain and voluptuous pleasure. The jailer got angry with a disobedient young sister behind a see-through mirror. I'm fed up with your stubbornness, the jailer shouts to the abducted sister, - I'm gonna rip you severely. The monster puts out a leather whip and starts throttling the bitch tied up to the chair. The slut cries and asks not to rape her, but she doesn't realize what is expecting her and why he put out the whip.

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Real Rape Story

Hm...Raped Britney Spears ? :)
To put it mildly, once I managed to watch a group violation. With eight girls. Moreover - it will sharpen your attention - most of them were under 20. Only three of them were over 19. And only two over 20.
Let me avoid details of events (not to be discovered). Going to mention the following: eight (EIGHT) girls, quite attractive, were gathered in a school gym. How they were delivered there - it's another story, and believe me, a very interesting one.
You won't believe - the situation is: eight naked beauties (from 18 to 20 years only) and not less than 30 man (and including security even more), and all the men are strong, 30 years-old, some of them are body-builders.
A special group was responsible for catching of beauties. A special show when they were grouped and ordered to undress completely - take off panties, bras, etc.. leaving only shoes on. Cool. Yelling and shouting began. Albert put out his knife. Showed everybody. Undressing process has quickened. In 20 minutes no dressed girl has left. We ordered to put on shoes as legs looks longer. It was beauty contest. They walked naked along the complex. And then of course, we fucked them long and severely. But it's another story. I found real rape video and picture.

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Abducted Sisters BDSM Drawings

BDSM Drawings of the abducted sisters are widened with new series. A naked body of the old sister lies on the bed. Tied hands and legs don't let move. Kidnappers being on top severely fuck the helpless bitch. The monster deep and roughly shoves his cock into the sister's pussy working with it as plunger. A poor slave tries to cry but her crying is dying because of a gag and the beauty can only cry from humiliation and pain. But the sadist in masks cannot get enough of it and his strong hand painfully presses firm boobs of a blonde leaving lines on tender skin. Behind see-through mirror another jailer having removed a gag from young sister gloatingly smiles showing her her sister's rape. A huge cock of the jailer thrusts the abducted sister's mouth and the monster blows the bitch on her lips and cries - SUCK my long cock, bitch. Naive student turns her back in fear, but being afraid of a severe rape which her sister is experiencing she doesn't know what to do. The naked sister sitting on a chair annoys the kidnapper with her disobedience and constant prays to leave her alone. The jailer painfully pinches her nipples and orders to immediately suck his cock and lick hairy balls. Abducted Sisters BDSM Drawings new episode on the next week.

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Britney BDSM Art

From now on, the BDSM Art and Britney is in focus of our comics. The limousine's wheels squeal and the car with the abducted Britney in takes away the celebrity to the empire of BDSM masters. See you in hell, slut! Shouts the pleased manager. In the meantime the bodyguard tells the BDSM Master his precious and secret cargo will be soon delivered to the dungeon for tortures. What's happening in the limousine? Oh yes, the art of BDSM rushes into Britney's life like a hurricane. The masked kidnappers tie up a gentle Britney's body with thick and rough cords. The miserable celebrity shivers with fear, humiliation and pain - it's no good screaming for help because the mouth is gagged. Tears roll down the beauty's cheeks but the brutal animals in masks don't care about it in any way. What they do care about is to tear up the Britney's shirt-dress and strip her big boobies with sticking out nipples. Shame and humiliation make Britney red; she turns away, closes her eyes and cries, begging for help and mercy. The bitch does not understand what such a punishment is for and all she wants is to stop this nightmare. Ha ha, laughs the masked monster, look how big her jugs are, and these sticking tough nipples are just great. Now Britney is learning what the art of BDSM is.

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