Britney Spears Comics by Gary Roberts

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In summer of 2004 the world was shattered with horrible news of two sisters' abduction from Sunset beach. Young beauties went back home after a hot Mexican beach and their tanned naked bodies have attracted the abductors. Monsters in masks have abducted the sisters at the amazed rescuers' and campers' eyes. The abducted nude sisters were thrown in a black limousine which has disappeared with a whistle. The abducted sisters found themselves in a dungeon for tortures. Then everything turned mysterious, but Gary Roberts shows his dreams and the continuation of this story. The jailers have left the naked sisters' bodies in different rooms separated by a see-through mirror. Each sister could watch with horror the other sister's tortures. The abductors are pouring cold water onto the nude sisters and burning their bodies with hot metal. The monster in mask sent electric current through the sister's clit and pierced the younger sister's firm nipples with pins. Shouts of horror and fear filled the walls of the dungeon, but the abductors only laughed and went on torturing the sisters. The jailers severely punished the abducted sisters for disobedience making obedient slaves from the beauties. As a real BDSM master Gary Roberts shows a real story happened to the abducted sisters. Monsters in masks are fucking the sisters' tender asses tearing their little holes to blood. A huge abductor's cock can hardly fill the older sister's hot mouth and now the monster is covering the beauty's face with his cum. Licking off the cum from her face and licking the monster's balls the older sister watches with horror when monsters humiliate her younger sister. Two long cocks furiously fuck the younger sister. The abducted sister's big boobs are madly moving here and there and rascals are connecting electrodes to the nipples sending current. The abducted sister's naked body is being captured with orgasm and she is helplessly hanging on huge monster's cocks. Gary Roberts and his Abducted Sisters have a lot of interesting moments in store and are constantly updated.
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