The abducted sisters will be punished for their arrogance in comics. Monsters in masks do not know compassion and they prepare the tender naked bodies for punishment. The younger sister watches with fear jailers' actions towards her sister in a room next door. The jailers have tied up the blonde's tender body with thick ropes, shoved a long strapon into her big ass and started ripping her with rods. Celebrity Drew Barrymore has suffered from unbearable pain and begged for mercy. Watching all this, the older sister also started crying and praying to stop it all. But jailers got more and more annoyed with these shouts, so they decided to punish both sisters together. Sisters must have licked each other's pussies and silently tolerate severe blows of leather whips on their tender boobies, otherwise monsters in masks stop fucking the sluts and make new punishment in our comics.

Abducted Sisters BDSM Art by Gary RobertsBritney Spears Comics Episode 2 by Gary RobertsAbducted Sisters Comics from

Abducted Sisters Punish Comics

Britney Spears Torture Art Episode 2

Abducted Sisters Punish Comics Britney Spears Torture Art Episode 2
Starfuckers Episode 2 by Gary Roberts
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