Cruel kidnappers have abducted the sisters at the college party in a night club. Monsters tore away their clothes and have thrown their naked bodies in different rooms for tortures separated by see-through mirrors. Monsters in masks entered the younger sister's room, tied her hands up with thick ropes, put her legs aside and put the gag inside her mouth. Then they took a leather whip and started ripping her tight boobs and pussy. Another jailer connected electrodes to her nipples and turned on current. A big thick strapon has hardly pierced a tight asshole and having turned on the minimum speed the kidnapper started watching his victim's tortures. The bitch is crying and pulsating from passion all over her body. But such turn of event does not satisfy the jailers, so they bring the older sister who has watched it through the mirror before.

Abducted Sisters BDSM Art by Gary RobertsBritney Spears Comics Episode 2 by Gary RobertsAbducted Sisters Comics from

Abducted Sisters Kidnappers

Britney Spears Abducted Comics Episode2

Abducted Sisters Kidnappers Britney Spears Abducted Comics Episode 2
Starfuckers Episode 2 by Gary Roberts
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