Bondage Comics will tell you the story of the two abducted sisters. Beautiful college girls did not suspect of the sad finale of their graduation party. The kidnappers have tied up the naked bodies with thick ropes and threw the sisters in different rooms. The older sister was watching with fear the way monsters have turned her sister's legs apart and thrown with ropes. The monsters in masks have tied up the tender boobs so that they got blue, and with the rest of rope they tied up the hand twisted behind her back. But jailers could not get enough of it and the thick rope has covered her pussy and ass painfully hurting the tender body. Then the jailers decided to go back to the older sister making her lick their balls while they are binding her hands. Making sure that the abducted sisters are tightly tied up, kidnappers started fucking their mouths.

Abducted Sisters BDSM Art by Gary RobertsBritney Spears Comics Episode 2 by Gary RobertsAbducted Sisters Comics from

Abducted Sisters Bondage Comics

Britney Spears Domination Art Episode 2

Abducted Sisters Bondage Comics Britney Spears Domination Art Episode 2
Starfuckers Episode 2 by Gary Roberts
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